Hi, my name is Angelika Howland. Director and media trainer for live events and TV productions. I guide productions of all sizes, either starting from their conceptual phase or from implementation. Both nationally and internationally. In the media. Live on stage. In the virtual arena. My job is to recognise trends and talents, and to present people to their audience and to the camera in precisely the right way. I've been doing this for over 20 years.


“Emotion comes first, information follows in its footsteps!” Claus Fokke Wermann, Trainer ARD.ZDF media academy

My skillset means I have the implementation vision in my mind right from the planning phase and therefore I can work cost-consciously.

I assume the creative direction for your production and have the appropriate expertise to stage the right emotions in the right place.

TRAILER • UEFA Champions League Draw

Since 2015, Howland Directors has been entrusted with the operational management and stage management of the UEFA Champions League Draw live TV productions. This is also the setting every year for the awards presentation for the Women’s and Men’s Player of the Year. Hot on the heels of the Champions League Draw, the Europa League Draw takes place the very next day and, naturally, is also broadcast live.

Stage Directions: Howland Directors
Technical Advise: Production Office
Client: UEFA


“The important thing is that you must engage the audience, and you engage them in the way you tell a story.” Alfred Hitchcock

Even in the digital world, my clients trust my skill to create the right composition as well as perfect timing. My long-standing partners at CoPiDUS have developed a digital platform which controls the flow of virtual formats using real time live direction. And that’s where Howland Directors comes in. My many years of experience with live streaming of press conferences and corporate evenings at international motor shows are an absolute advantage here. Make your audience

Examples of our projects:
May 2020: ACCENTURE Diversity Day
July 2020: FINANZ INFORMATIK Welcome Day

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„Once you stop taking yourself so damn seriously, you are free to act with pleasure!” Philippe Gaulier, Director and Coach for Comedy

I can teach you the art of being successful when standing in the spotlight in front of a television camera. You can practice how to skilfully use your body and voice in my media training sessions.

How do I do this? Practice makes perfect. I have had the benefit of a classical education, have been on the stage or in front of the camera myself for many years, and have in the meantime coached a wide range of executives, speakers and artists for their live performances.


“A conductor is a highly skilled technician who needs twenty years of professional training under their belt.” Herbert von Karajan

My vocational training started in 1986. First on stage and in front of the camera. Then behind it. I have been an event director since 2000 and have directed the following types of events, both domestically and internationally: press conferences, TV productions, brand presentations, car world premieres, vehicle presentations, sport events, political events, global meetings, trade show appearances, award ceremonies, gala events and fashion shows. I handle event direction confidently, keep an overview at critical moments and always have a plan B.

TRAILER • UEFA Europa League Draw

Here is a short trailer for you of the 2018 Europa League Draw in Monaco. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Zu meinen Kunden zählen renommierte Unternehmen aus Wirtschaft, Politik, Mode- und Autoindustrie. Aus der engen Zusammenarbeit resultieren langjährige, erfolgreiche Partnerschaften. Meine Referenzen sehen Sie hier ein...